Corporate Monkey

randompic.jpgWorking in a corporate company isn’t exactly a load of fun. Especially if you expected that you’d have tons of money to spend on yourself (IPod, PSP, un-pirated software). Sure, they pay you a good sum of money, but there is one very important fact that is often overlooked. The more you earn, the more you spend :(. You lose again .

Almost every corporate (that isn’t full of shit) has a placement process that definitely involves a Group Discussion or GD as it is popularly known. This may seem like a good way to select candidates who are good at being vocal with their opinions, but in fact it’s a good way to select candidates who like to discuss about absolutely irrelevant nonsense during the coffee breaks.

Then come the team meetings. That’s when you realise that all the dumbasses who used to sit at the front of the bench in univ and kept raising their hands for doubts and clarifications have somehow ended up in your company and your team! And they all have to ask questions when the meeting’s been overshot by an hour and nature’s been calling you for an hour and half alreaedy!

God help us!


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