Frustrated with gmail offline on ubuntu

I’m so tired of gmail’s bugginess with gears on Ubuntu.  It behaves in the most erratic and unpredictable manner. Ironically, the problem arose when I was sending a mail while I was online and was almost a disaster. Email attachments are not attached always when sending with offline enabled. I found this out the hard way. Also, every now and then I see a pop-up message saying “Google gears is not compatible with your build …” yada yada yada. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I’m also a heavy user of google docs offline, but this unreliability is killing me. So, as of today, I’m off to Thunderbird 3 for all my offline email solutions.

With google docs, I really like the idea of one copy with multiple editors and being able to edit docs offline. But with google gears being so buggy on ubuntu and with Google officially declaring there will be no further development on gears, I don’t know if I can keep using it. If anyone knows of a similar arrangement that works with OpenOffice docs or with any online doc editor with good offline capabilities, please let me know.


After googling for Google docs alternatives, I found the following websites:

Apparently, Zoho is a suite of rich office applications which provides both online and offline editing of documents. The interface looks very good and it appears to have many more features than google docs. Although offline editing is limited to the most recent 25 docs that you edited, it still looks very promising. Unfortunately, it uses google gears as well which leaves me at the mercy of that bug-ridden utility. But nonetheless, as of today, I’m going to start using Zoho and see how it works as an alternative to google docs!


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