Write #1 – Beginning Isaac Asimov

I was in the library this morning picking up my course pack for the new term and I figured I might as well pick up some book for my bedtime reading. Browsing through the fiction section, my eyes fell upon the words ‘ISAAC ASIMOV’ in big bold letters on a book with a blue and golden cover. Underneath that it said ‘The Foundation Novels’. The book I picked up is titled ‘Foundation And Earth’ and is apparently ‘among the great masterworks of science fiction’ (quoted behind the book).

I’ve known about Asimov and his rules of robots for a very long time. But I never tried reading any of his books for fear of them being hopelessly outdated. This is the era of technology where having the entire world’s information available to me without moving a muscle is the daily way of life (Eat your heart out Star Trek computer!).

But this time, I decided to give it a shot. The summary behind the book seems interesting enough. And I’ll try to read the book without any expectations. Will see if I can post my review of the book in one of the upcoming posts.

Click here to see FOUNDATION AND EARTH by ISAAC ASIMOV on Amazon.com

2 thoughts on “Write #1 – Beginning Isaac Asimov

  1. I hope this works out for you. “Foundation and Earth” is chronologically the end of the series. It ties together several of Asimov’s story ideas from the previous 50 years. I’ll be interested to hear from you if it can still be a satisfying read even for someone not familiar with those other stories. Also, I wonder how you will feel about the ending…it left me wanting more…but Asimov was taken from us before he could continue the saga.

  2. Hi John – I wasn’t aware that it was the end of the series. The cover only seems to suggest that it’s one of the many books that come under ‘The foundation series’ but nothing about whether it’s the last in the series or the first. Thanks for the quick info about the book, I’ll post my views after I finish reading it.

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