Problem: Collisions (Cloth included) don’t work in Blender 2.49b

This was a lucky break. I don’t think it would have been easy to figure this out even if I had posted on the forums. I made a simple scene and for some reason collisions just refused to work no matter what I did. Turns out the problem was that I had used Layers extensively and the cloth object and the table object were in different layers. So, no matter what I did, the cloth kept falling right through the object. After a lot of trouble, I finally fixed it by moving them both to the same layer. That was a weird problem. You’d think the collisions would work based on what’s in the scene and not with what’s in the layer 😐

Updating rooted ROM on HTC G1 (Android)

For a year now, I’ve been content using Enomther’s AOSP 1.6 on my HTC G1 (Dream). I have absolutely no complaints about this ROM, it works perfectly and is a breeze to use. But seeing that it’s been quite a while since the last update and also that Android 2.2 is now available for the HTC G1, I decided to take the plunge and install Cyanogen’s mod v6.1.0 RC1. This one requires Danger SPL for sure and the way to check it is given in this page. Also, Amon_Ra’s custom recovery console is required. I already had v1.2.3, but seeing that the current version is 1.7.0, I decided to upgrade that as well!

The radio on my phone is: Since I already have DangerSPL installed on my phone (from the time I rooted it last year), looks like I don’t have to worry about this one. Otherwise, you need to have this particular radio and you can download it from the DangerSPL page.

Here’s the link for installing Cyanogen Mod 6.

Ok, updating it to Cyanogen mod was a breeze. Nothing too difficult since I’d done it already previously. I must admit the new boot up screen looks really good. And the whole system is very responsive even though it’s running android 2.2. Wait! I’ve got 2.2! 2.2 baby! Dam, it only just hit me! I’ve got Android 2.2 on my g1! Yes! πŸ™‚

Problem: Windows 7 doesn’t remember view settings for individual folders

If you’re using Windows 7, you must have noticed that very often your folder view preferences get messed up. The thumbnail view for your gallery changes to List and the detail listing for your documents changes to thumbnails. This is extremely frustrating and after searching around a bit, I finally came across this thread that seems to explain the problem. A user by name of ‘Graham Laws’ has finally answered the problem:


Hi Guys.

There is two scenarios with remembering views (Windows 7):
1. Libraries – Don’t Remember
2. Folders / Favourites – DO Remember (Easy Fix : Add My Docs to Favourites – see below)
Library Behaviour
Lets say you click Documents, then choose ‘medium icons’, wherever you navigate within Documents from then on stays in ‘med icon’ view.
NB Choosing Organize>Fold & Search Options>View>’Apply to Folders’ and ‘Reset Folders’ are not available in Libraries.
Folders / Favourites
Folders do remember views by default. So if you navigate to C:\users\xxx\Documents etc each individual folder in the tree will remember whatever you set it to.
Likewise if you add ‘My Documents’ to Favourites and navigate from there. To add ‘My Docs’ to Favourites you need to navigate to your User Folder e.g:
i)Start Menu> User Folder> My Docs
ii) Rt-click ‘Favourites’ > ‘Add current location to favourites’
DO NOT add ‘My Docs’ to Favourites from within Libraries. As it isΒ ‘Libraries’ that ignore last view setting.
NB Choosing Organize>Fold & Search Options>View>’Apply to Folders’ and ‘Reset Folders’ are available in Folders. So you can make all folders copy your current view (Apply to folders).

Hope this helps.
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