Kindle 3 – Just can’t stop reading!

I did a lot of research on ebook readers. Checked out the Nook, various Android tablets, iPad and the Kindle. However, the only one which agreed with my budget was the Kindle. And when they recently launched the Kindle 3G with special offers for $139, there was no stopping me. I immediately bought two of them – one for my girlfriend and one for my mom. And now, as I’m nearing the climax of Dracula (Free and Public domain), I just can’t help thinking how good it is. Like reading a book with glossy pages. Of course, there is a slight reflection, sort of like a matte finish on a laptop’s LCD screen. But it is an absolute dream to read. And the 6″ screen is just perfect to hold in one hand. It is, however, a little heavier than I expected, but still very much readable while holding it with one hand and lying down.

Word of advice though – if you’re not in the United States and are thinking of ordering the kindle directly through International delivery, DON’T! Here’s why:

  1. For one thing, the special offers version is available for sale only in the US. You will have to pay the full $189 to get the 3G version
  2. Shipping costs and custom duty are way too expensive. Possibly about a third of the price of the device!
  3. They don’t ship the AC adapter, just the USB cable. Only way to charge it would be through your PC or laptop. WTF?!

So, if possible, try to find some acquaintance of yours who’s currently in the US or will be travelling soon. Amazon accepts international credit cards without any hassles and get it delivered to their work/hotel address. It’s not so big or heavy to cause any untoward inconvenience to someone while packing their luggage so shouldn’t be a problem.

One more thing – it is possible that at the time of writing this post, Amazon may be considering launching a new version of the Kindle (perhaps a tablet?). But I had already placed the order for 2 of the sexy devices before I came across the article. And I don’t regret it! For one thing, the price is a bargain. And for another, I wanted a book reader and I got exactly that – a book reader. And it does the job well. Very well!