LED Sequencing using Arduino Uno

I’ve recently taken an interest in Hobby Electronics after reading a lot about Arduino. Being a software guy, I’ve always had difficulty getting my head around practical electronics. But after searching a bit around, I came across these two lecture series on Youtube:

Jeremy Blum’s Arduino tutorials

Prof. T S Natarajan’s Basic Electronics tutorials

And bit-by-bit I’m able to make sense of electronics.

Anyways, the best part of Arduino is that is very programmer friendly. Easier to program all this stuff than to do it using hardware components. Here’s a video of LED Sequencing using Arduino Uno. It consists of 12 LEDs connected to 1K/220 Ohm resistors to pins 1-12 on the Arduino. Setting up the breadboard and connections is very straightforward.

You can download the Arduino source code from here: View/Download code for LED Sequencing