Overheating while gaming? Laptop shutting down? Throttlestop to the rescue

My Laptop has a decent graphics card allowing me to play all the latest games in Low-Medium settings. But it’s been a year and a half since I bought it and with all the traveling I do, it’s no surprise that it overheats quite a bit. Obvious solution is to take it to a vendor and get it repasted i.e. apply thermal gel on the CPU, GPU and clean up everything inside so that the system is well ventilated and not overheating at the drop of a hat.

But that costs quite a bit. And is very involved if you plan to do it yourself. I’m fairly knowledgeable when it comes to hardware, I upgraded the RAM and HDD myself. But after looking at a video on how to do the repasting, I just gulped and gave up any intentions of doing it myself. First of all, I can’t afford to buy a new laptop if I screw it up.

So, the alternative was to get it to the service center and ask them to do the repasting. But that costs a bundle, and you always run the risk of giving it to a clown who doesn’t know what he’s doing.

The final solution that worked for me was Throttlestop that I found while desperately searching on the net to see if there’s any tool that would allow me to underclock my CPU and/or GPU. This thread on notebookreview has been very helpful and is very active. The original author of Throttlestop himself answers questions or concerns you may have. I would strongly urge everyone to take a look at Throttlestop and give it a shot. Been playing Skyrim and Max Payne 3 without any overheatng issues.

Link: http://forum.notebookreview.com/hardware-components-aftermarket-upgrades/531329-throttlestop-guide.html

EDIT: I am honored that UncleWebb, the author of Throttlestop himself, has left a comment below. I highly recommend reaching out to him via the forum link above if you have any questions or concerns. He helped me tremendously when I was starting out with Throttlestop and is incredibly friendly and responsive. As he suggests, you can also try vacuuming the air vent to get rid of some of the dust clogging up your laptop’s innards. But when all else fails, Throttlestop works like a charm.


2 thoughts on “Overheating while gaming? Laptop shutting down? Throttlestop to the rescue

  1. Not only does the original author of ThrottleStop still help out users on the Notebook Review forum, he also endlessly searches the internet for people looking for help. He’s probably a little OCD when it comes to making sure that laptops are running at their designed speed. Thanks for sharing this useful program with others.

    Repasting is usually a good idea but if that is beyond your skill level, just try to vacuum out the dust from the CPU heatsink. Just doing that can make a big difference.

    unclewebb – aka. The ThrottleStop Guy 🙂

  2. Hey UncleWebb! Wow, nice of you to drop by. I’m surprised you found this post on a small unknown blog that no one reads :). If I’d known there was any chance of you reading this, I would have written a bit more about how helpful you’ve been on the forum when I had some questions.

    Thanks for the tip on the vacuum, I’ll see if I can find one to suck some of the dirt from my laptop.

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