Problem: Virtualbox on Acer 4530 freezes constantly

AMD has a hardware virtualization component called AMD-V which apparently improves the virtualbox experience. However, with the latest virtualbox on Acer 4530, it hangs up the entire laptop. Here’s a lengthy discussion with a solution at the end:

Kudos to the people who worked on this ticket for persisting until the solution was found.

Acer 4530 Standby Hibernate problems – Solved

My friend recently bought an Acer 4530 laptop which is quite decent. But it seemed like it had some issues with Standby and Hibernate since it would just hang when we clicked on them. The only way out was to hard reboot the system. I was using WinXP+sp2.

I got an idea that the problem might be because of the drivers. So installed sp3 on the same thing and tried it out. Works like a charm now.