Choosing a vendor for Email Marketing Campaigns – How to

I recently provided a friend with some details about what to look for when starting out with setting up Email Marketing Campaigns. Here’s a reproduction of the email I sent him with some minor changes to make it suitable to a global audience.


Email marketing is a huge beast in itself if you try to trudge too far deep into it’s murky entrails. Here’s what I would normally look for before I choose a vendor:

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Thunderbird vs Gmail

Extremely satisfied using GMail? Happy with it’s offline features? Well, here’re a couple of lifehacker articles which might convert you to thunderbird. I was kind of exploring the possibility of shifting to thunderbird, but I don’t really send/receive email that much. Besides, the conversation view of thunderbird isn’t as sleek as GMail’s. But from what I see, thunderbird does a good job with offline and multiple accounts. Hit the links below to check it out:

Posting on wordpress via email

Just found out about the email blogging features in wordpress. This is the first post I’m making via email. My only beef is that the email address is an assortment of randomly generated characters and you can’t actually specify the email address you like. So, your blog may have an email address like xyzblah23 (no you can’t choose blah!).

On the plus side, it has (or is supposed to, I can’t tell since this IS my first post!) full support for emails sent in HTML format. You can insert images in your email and they’ll show up on your post. It also supports tags, categories and other features which can be specified in square brackets [].

For full specifications and details, hit the link below: