An Imperative Programmer beginning with Functional Programming

Couple of months ago, a friend of mine drew my attention to Functional Programming in Scala, a course on Coursera. Having worked for years with the likes of PHP, C, C++, Java and not to mention BASIC before that, I didn’t think much of Functional Programming. Truth be told, when someone mentioned Functional Programming to me, I thought he was talking about C or rather non-OOP programming which didn’t involve Objects(Yes! I admit it! I was a brash naïve 22 year old fresh with a non-CS degree!). As a matter of fact, that was my perception until I took the course (Okay, there’s honesty and then there’s beating a dead horse!).

So, for the benefit of the uninitiated who happened to accidentally stumble upon my obscure and randomly technical blog, I’ll give the lowdown on Functional Programming … in my own words. Apart from the regular differences between Functional and Imperative programming, here’s my experience with it:

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