Problem: Collisions (Cloth included) don’t work in Blender 2.49b

This was a lucky break. I don’t think it would have been easy to figure this out even if I had posted on the forums. I made a simple scene and for some reason collisions just refused to work no matter what I did. Turns out the problem was that I had used Layers extensively and the cloth object and the table object were in different layers. So, no matter what I did, the cloth kept falling right through the object. After a lot of trouble, I finally fixed it by moving them both to the same layer. That was a weird problem. You’d think the collisions would work based on what’s in the scene and not with what’s in the layer 😐

Problem: Curve modifier with Array modifier when modeling a tire

Jonathan does a great job explaining how to model a tire in this video on However, I came across a problem where some of the elements were getting distorted in my tire and this was preventing the ends from merging. Here’s what I mean:

The distortions that you see in the first image are because of the resolution for the guiding circle. The default value is 12 which gives lots of distortions. By changing it to 64 (max), all distortions disappeared.

Problem: Blender always renders only frame 1

Had this problem today with Blender rendering only Frame 1 in spite of repeatedly baking the animation and setting the view to another frame. I had a cloth piece which was to fall freely under gravity by around frame 100 after which I wanted to render the image. But after setting it up, when I rendered it, I kept getting only the first frame.

After searching for quite some time on the net, I came across this post which suggested that the subsurf modifier should be below the cloth modifier. And it worked! Now it renders the exact frame that I select in blender.

Here’s a screenie:

Switching back from Blender 2.53/2.54 Beta to 2.49b

I love Blender 2.5. I love the improved interface, the ease of use and configurability it allows. It’s a huge step forward from 2.49b.

However, I love using Yafaray and LuxRender. And constant updates to blender 2.5 is keeping the good folks from LuxRender and Yafaray from coming up with a “one-patch-fix-all” solution to the rendering exporters. I have spent countless hours trying to get LuxRender to work with Blender 2.5 beta (Of course it’s easy after you do it the first time!), but then the problem of having some features missing simply takes the fun out of rendering. I also realised I was spending too much time downloading various releases from and trying them out rather than working on modeling.

So, with that, I’ll be using 2.49b until 2.5 comes out of beta and the exporters are in place.

PS: Any scene modeled in 2.5 might fail to load in 2.49b. I had the problem with a scene in which I had a wind generator. I went around this by exporting it to Collada format (.dae) and then importing it in 2.49b. Of course, I lost some of the settings in terms of textures etc, but it’s still better than not being able to work on it at all in 2.49b.